Free video/phone Consultations, Somerton Physio

(14 Apr 2020)

Dear member, please see the fantastic offer below from club member/player, James Sherry who owns his own Physio Practice, Somerton Physiotherapy. This is a very generous offer; well done, James!

Somerton Physio would like to offer free video / phone consultations to the following club members:

  1. Members over the age of 60 
  2. Members who are medically vulnerable and are cocooning due to Covid-19.

A video / phone consultation will consist of an assessment and prescription of a suitable Home Exercise Programme to help maintain physical activity levels in club members who are currently cocooning or isolating.

Maintaining fitness levels will enable members to return to normal life as quickly as possible when the current situation passes.

If you, a family member or a friend would like to avail of this free service please contact Somerton Physio on 0852455600 or

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