Process for Adult Team Managements for 2021

(21 Oct 2020)

The Executive at a meeting on the 19th October 2020 decided that all adult club teams would be managed on a volunteer basis. In addition, all management teams will be appointed by the Club Executive, on the basis of recommendations from two sub-committees established to oversee the selection process. A sub-committee has been set up for both the adult female and adult male sections of the club. The sub-committees will be chaired by the relevant Adult Games Chairman and will include the Club Chairman and two other members.

The first phase of the process will be to engage with players, outgoing management teams and other members who express a desire to be involved in management of teams in 2021. Members who are aware of non-members who would add value to the management of teams and are willing to engage with the club should feed those names and contacts into the process. In the engagement phase, members can submit their views by email or by requesting a meeting through Zoom. These views can be either individually based or by team and will be treated as confidential.

We are allowing two and a half weeks for this phase, which should conclude on Saturday 7th of November 2020.

When the engagement phase is completed the sub-committees will meet with prospective management teams to discuss their plans for the forthcoming year. If the sub-committee deem necessary they will reach out to other prospective management teams. Following this process the sub-committees will forward to the Executive their recommendations for ratification.

This final phase should be completed by Saturday 21st of November 2020.

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